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In My Skin

In My Skin

Alternate Titles: Dentro da Minha Pele

Documentary | Portuguese | 85 minutes


O2 Play

Cast & Crew


Toni Venturi, Val Gomes


Tiago Berti


Toni Venturi, Val Gomes, Marcus Aurelius Pimenta


Adilson Paes, Cida Bento, Cidinha da Silva, Jessé Souza, Joice Beth, José Fernando Azevedo, Lia Shucman, Salloma Sallomão, Sueli Carneiro



A white, male director, and a black, female co-director, joint efforts with an all African American crewto understand racism in Brazil. Many times presented as a “mixed” and racism-free country, Brazil was, as a fact the last country in the world to abolish slave labor, and its effects are very well rooted in family relations, in workplace environments, and is part of the subjectivity of black and white Brazilians. The heritage of slavery continues to be present, yet today. The backbone of this documentary is formed by the stories of nine common people, with different shades of black skin, who present their daily lives and share situations involving racism, from veiled moments to the most explicit. Official Selection Frontlight IDFA 2020.

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