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In The Neighborhood

In The Neighborhood

Alternate Titles:

No Response | English | 30 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Toni D'Antonio, Rita Muoio, Millie Carrion, Cara DiFalco


Cara DiFalco


In search of the “best of the best” in local neighborhoods, Emmy Nominee Cara DiFalco visits a multitude of venues from little known trattorias and local delis to traditional pizza joints and iconic gems. Each episode takes her on a new adventure to find unknown delights that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her journeys will embrace a new found appreciation for these undiscovered communities’ and their finest secrets of great cuisine. She will engage the owner, the chef, the sous chef and sometimes even the home cook and eagerly learn how to make one of their “famous” or “signature” dishes. Cara’s openness and eagerness to learn more about all the wonderful characters she encounters, will unearth some heartwarming stories. And while she exudes a genuine small town gal enthusiasm, it’s her journalism background that gives her the edge to expose the real stories. How the recipe came to be, getting inspiration from tales about the venue and either its rich history or the brand-new unique way it developed, what community means to these folks and simply learning the secret details of how to make a recipe she’s never made before, Cara will uncover what it means to be part of “the neighborhood”. Its community of patrons means something different to each place she visits, and when Cara, with her girl next door charm, lights up the kitchen, we’ll all learn, there’s a lot more to cooking than just the recipe. She may not live here… but… Ladies and Gentlemen…

Cara Di Falco is In The Neighborhood!

A sweetheart of a host!

Cara DiFalco is known for being the 1st and ONLY Emmy Nominated cooking show with her highly successful digital YouTube show “Cara’s Cucina”.

With her sparkling personality, her relatability and her amazing cooking abilities make for an outstanding show that will be watched by millions. Earnest and joyful, she makes everyone feel at ease. Cara is authentic and inquisitive as she delves into each neighborhoods culture and history with sincerity and genuine curiosity. She might even leave with some “secret recipes” never having been revealed before her visit.

Material Available:

Series Pitch Deck, One sheet

Current Status:

* In production for the first season beginning (10 episodes - 3 Episodes in Post Production)

** Financing / Co-Production / Broadcast Deal / Pre-Sales Needed for Series

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