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It Hits You When You Know It

It Hits You When You Know It

Comedy | English | 87 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Devon Armstrong


Phylicia Wissa, Patrick Joseph Rieger, Cameron McCormick, Roger Payano, Katy Dolle, Anthony J. Tremé



Nicole is a struggling writer who misses her ex boyfriend; Chris is a frustrated studio musician who misses his band; Mary is a married yoga instructor who misses some excitement; they're best friends since high school and they get together to celebrate the wedding of another high school BFFE, Julia. Nicole brings some motivational books and a notepad, Chris his guitar and a bottle of Jack, Mary brings Ted, her workaholic husband. It's all fun and games until Adam, Nicole's ex, arrives with his new girlfriend, the exotic, young and clever Veronica, and the Pandora's box is opened. Now Nicole wants Adam back, Chris wants to get drunk and Mary has a confession to make. While everything goes sour, their personal dramas must be put on hold when tragedy hits and the wedding is suddenly canceled.

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