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Jasmine Road

Jasmine Road

Drama | Arabic, English | 127 minutes


Raging River Films

Cast & Crew


Warren Sulatycky


Caitlyn Sponheimer, Warren Sulatycky, Allen Sulatycky


Warren Sulatycky


Aixa Kay, Melody Mokhatari, Ahmed Muslimani, Greg Ellwand, Caitlyn Sponheimer, Toni Ellwand



In the small rural community of Red River, Mac Bagley (a recently widowed conservative cowboy in his sixties) opens up his home to a Syrian refugee family (Layla, her daughter, Heba and her adult gay brother, Salem). Withstanding some initial opposition in the town, the Syrian family struggles to find new footing in a new land. Mac finds himself in similar circumstances as his new house-members: the need to find new hope after the loss of his wife, and seeking a renewed faith in life. While awaiting news of her missing husband, Layla (a journalist and ice cream maker from Aleppo) introduces Mac to their Muslim culture. She proposes to open Arabic Ice Cream shop to help them both financially. With no work himself, Mac reluctantly agrees to the idea. Layla’s Arabic ice cream may just hold the powerful elixir that will hold a new future for her and her family on Jasmine Road.

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