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Kevin - will my people find peace?

Kevin - will my people find peace?

Documentary | English | 42 minutes



Cast & Crew


Elisa Mereghetti



A portrait of Kevin Doris Ejon, a 29 years old Ugandese reporter known for being one of the few journalists who have ever met and interviewed Joseph Kony, the rebel leader who for the past 25 years disseminated terror and death throughout Northern Uganda. Today Kevin investigates the wounds left behind by the war and the difficult, challenging road towards peace and reconciliation. How do people affected by two decades of war regain their peace of mind? Can those who took part in the fighting go back to a normal life? The documentary revolves around the central figure of a brave and dynamic young Ugandan journalist, searching for testimonies and personal stories. In a journey which brings her from Kampala to Northern Uganda, Kevin poses questions to the witnesses (and to herself) about memories of the war, desires, dreams, and hopes for the future. The central question remains: is it possible to rebuild peace?

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