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Kim Cameron Carpe Musicam Tour

Kim Cameron Carpe Musicam Tour

Documentary, Musical | English | 40 minutes


Side FX Partners, LLC

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  • Step inside the actual tour of Kim Cameron as she travels to Asia. In this 40-minute film, you will hear the Top 20 Billboard Artist, singer and songwriter explain her adventurous touring experience to Xiamen, China. Traveling with her band, the group faced many highs and lows while experiencing the world of southern China for the first time. The full concert is, without interruption, in full stereo. Colorful backdrops, synchronized stage lighting and three crane cameras provide the viewer with a true in-home concert experience without leaving the comforts of their couch. Enjoy live performances by award winning DJ Halo, percussionist Elimir Garcia, and keyboardist Federico Colloca, as they pepper the stage with their individual magic. Kim sings eight of her songs and remixes in this concert, along with one cover song by Clean Bandit. She ends the show with two of her songs that hit Billboard's Top 20 Dance charts. Kim is currently touring worldwide with her chart topping dance songs across Europe and Asia.

    DJ Halo, her co writer on many songs, has toured with Kim in France, Czech Republic, Miami, Washington, DC, Spain, Amsterdam, Malta and New York. They have co-written six songs, four of which hit Top 10 dance club charts in the US. Kim began this original project in 2008, and currently has written and published over 350 songs. She has released 11 albums, toured extensively across the US, Caribbean, Europe and recently Asia and upper Africa. Her band is referred to as, Side FX, and consists of several critically acclaimed musicians across multiple countries.

    Kim's performances have ranged from high energy electronic and live mixes as festivals, to intimate acoustic performances in some of New York City's most famous jazz bars.

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