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Kimi wa Pet

Kimi wa Pet

Alternate Titles: You're My Pet

Romantic Comedy | Japanese | 720 minutes


SPO Entertainment Inc.

Cast & Crew


Jun Shison, Noriko Iriyama



Sumire Iwaya, beautiful journalist, a grad of Tokyo University and Harvard is confessed by her fiancé that he is tired of being with her that is higher pay, higher education and higher height than him and he leaves her for his new girlfriend. Misfortune never come alone, Sumire gets demoted for punching her boss who is very drunk and rude to her. Feeling she lost everything at once, she comes across a injured homeless young guy in a carbon box outside her apartment. Sumire is startled because he resembles her childhood pet, Momo. As a joke, she says she wants to keep him as a pet. To her surprise, the young guy agrees. She names him Momo after her beloved dog from childhood. Sumire provides room and board, and Momo provides unconditional love and loyalty like a pet. Sumire says there is no sex in their relationship, and she will only sleep with high-spec guy: higher pay, higher education and higher height. Despite this, where will their unique relationship reach in the end…?

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