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King Killer

King Killer

Black Comedy, Comedy, Psycho-Drama | English | 105 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Lou Martini, Jr., Toni D'Antonio, John Adams, Diane Shorthouse


Lou Martini, Jr., Jon Saks


When a mother’s love and obsession and a lover’s loyalty and infatuation combine for an explosive ride to "The Biggest Best Elvis Contest in the World", what's an Elvis tribute artist to do? With mom newly released from prison after killing his dad, and her cell mate in tow, who’s in love at first sight, this threesome soon realize becoming the "King" takes dedication, passion and sacrifice. But does it take being a "King Killer"? Step into Elvis Barone’s blue suede shoes and love him tender right to the very end.

In the likes of Serial Mom, Raising Arizona, Thelma and Louise, Drop Dead Gorgeous and the chilean classic Tony Manero, this Black Comedy about a mothers obsession with Elvis, a sons journey for a childhood dream to win "The Biggest Best Elvis Contest in the World" and a lover’s infatuation with both, will get your feet moving, your heart pumping and your gut laughing. No one is safe when a mother’s love is in question. And Angie Barone will stop at nothing for her son Elvis, even if it means being a "King Killer" in this dark comic spin on what it takes to be crowned "The King".

Material Available:

Script (WGA 126578), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Budget, Investment Outline

Current Status:

* Financing Needed / Pre-Sales Needed

** Under Contract - Sales Agent/Executive Producing Team-Diane Shorthouse and John Adams with Evolutionary Films (UK)

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