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Drama | English | 89 minutes


Headley International Pictures



JUSTICE has always been a talented, energetic, and gifted basketball player. A NBA prospect coming from out of high school, who has dazzled the crowds every summer in the top rated basketball tournaments throughout the city. Living like a rock star with his significant other at his side, Justice and CRYSTAL has been together for years, despite Justice daughter mother KIM objections, who stops at nothing to make Justice life miserable. A Basketball Phenomenon, Justice dreams was cut short when a car accident left many NBA scouts wondering if he would ever play basketball again.


No one can stay on top forever, a lesson Justice would have to learn the hard-way when a young cocky and aggressive basketball star name KILLER crosses his path. With a passion to outshine Justice and claim his fame and reputation. Killer looks for every advantage possible to gain an competitive edge on Justice, even if that means befriending his daughters mother Kim, and playing father to his one and only child. Seeing his daughter in the arms of another man causes Justice to lose focus and control. A fight erupts in which his girlfriend Crystal is badly hurt. He finds himself in a dilemma that forces him to re-evaluate the things that is most important to him in his life. Committing himself totally to the recovery and happiness of Crystal, Justice decides to give up basketball, despite his team falling from 1st place to last place. Crystal realize that no dream is worth walking away from, and teaches Justice one of his most valuable lessons. That his greatest competitor is not the people that he play against, but the one person he has not played against - Himself.


In a classic battle of Youth vs Experience. Justice and Killer leaves it all on the court, that is until Justice realizes that the true test of a champion is not defined by his greatness as an individual player, but an overall player when he can bring together a team as one. Winning the tournament, Justice secures his legacy in the hearts and minds of all basketball fans. With Crystal pregnant. The future looks promising for Justice as the once and doubtful NBA are again interested in the high school prospect who many thought would never play again.

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