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Action/Adventure | English | 90 minutes


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Cast & Crew


Stuart Brennan


John Rhys-Davies, Carolina Carlsson, Ryan Gage, David Hayman, Ian Hanmore


With his kingdom in the brink of chaos, Richard the Lionheart finds himself ambushed by enemies who conspire to seize his throne. The time has come to choose what he fights for: his crown, or his love for a commoner.

Desperate to avoid the heavy burden of leadership, the future King of England, Richard the Lionheart, ignores the warnings of his advisors and subjects and escapes to the forest with his love, Lea, a stable maid.

Richard’s desire for a moment of peace quickly descends into a race for survival as the pair are ambushed by ferocious attackers. With the identity of the man who ordered for his murder a mystery, Richard is left with no allies he can trust, and so is forced to face not only his enemies, but the harsh responsibilities of leadership.

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