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Animation | Japanese | 90 minutes


Toei Company, Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Fumie Muroi



Achieving multiple media crossover success, LIP x LIP is next growing larger than life on movie theater screens as HoneyWorks 10th Anniversary “LIP X LIP FILM x LIVE” ushers in a groundbreaking hybrid of “anime movie” and “virtual live performance.”


Two male high school teens form a virtual idol unit called LIP x LIP.
Their undisclosed genesis story is about to be revealed.

Yujiro trained hard in pursuit of his dream of one day standing atop the kabuki stage. But his aspiration is crushed when he fails to be selected as his master’s successor.

Meanwhile, all Aizo wants to do is sing, but he spends his days in aimless frustration living with his mother and brother.

Then one fateful day, the two teens find themselves at an idol audition where they instantly break into argument over a triviality. Little do they know this awful first meeting would catapult both of them to audition victory. In the midst of rejoicing, an unexpected condition is added by the producing company president Tamura.

”You two will debut as a unit.”

From here unfolds the story of two very different on the road to major pop idols.

Director: Fumie Muroi

Production Year: 2020

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