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Lockdown In Malaysia (in Development)

Romance, Romantic Comedy | English, Malay | 80 minutes


Produksi Seni 2020 Sdn Bhd

Cast & Crew


Jonathan Lee, Ernie Zakri, Azman Hassan, Jep Sepahtu, Shuk Sahar



A Chinese national arrives stranded due to lockdown in Malaysia and rescued by local Malay girl and encountered Durians adventures during his lockdown stay.


Liew Yun Zhao, an entrepreneur from China visiting Malaysia during

fruit season. Upon arrival at KLIA, he found his belongings lost except his flight ticket and passport. He could not return to China because it was the last flight and Malaysia declared Lockdown due to the outbreak of Corona Virus and for 1 day he was without food and drinking, Liew wanted to ask for help from people but did not ignored because they considered Liew a liar. Maisarah yang just returned from abroad to find Liew who almost fainted but he could not do anything until his father contacted him with says that the maid from Indonesia will return to his country. Maisarah got the idea and offered Liew a job with his father. Liew had to agree.During the PKP (Movement Control Order), the governments of Malaysia and China have agreed to cooperate in exporting durian to China and the news was accepted well by the villagers except the dissatisfied local agents with rising prices. At the same time, Liew could do nothing and he began to learn the culture and lifestyle of Malays such as how to cook French food which for him is very spicy. He also follow Malay customs like eating tray while sitting cross-legged on the floor and using his hands to eat. He also studied farming and gardening like the Ulam-Ulaman crops taught by Maisarah. During PKPB (Conditional Movement Control Order) in Malaysia, Pak Ali durian tree sabotaged by his neighbor, Haris who cut down many of the Musang King durian trees posed a big problem as his local agent Foo demanded huge compensation due to insufficient supply of durians to China. Angry with Foo's madness and an unsympathetic attitude, Pak Ali accused him of being the one who destroyed the tree. Because of that, then a fight happened and he struggled until he fell into a pile of durians and injure themselves. Pak Ali and Foo were disbanded by Liew and Maisarah and suggested that they make a police report and let the police investigate.Wu, a representative from China who had been quarantined for 14 days at the hotel and Lam locals arrived and was surprised to see Liew but happy that he was safe and well. Lam told that he heard from a man at the grocery store about the King Pak Ali's Weasel tree destroyed and Pak Ali was surprised how outsiders could find out about him because he had not tell anyone. It is clear Haris did it. Liew calmed Pak Ali and

says that he will pay compensation to Foo and help fund the program replanting Pak Ali and buying all his durians. Everyone was shocked until Wu introduce Liew is his employer and he is Liew's staff. At RMCO (Restoration Movement Control Order) announced, Liew left for the airport with Haikal (assistant) and Maisarah. Liew enters the departure hall, Haikal and Maisarah go have a drink at the food court. Suddenly one hand handed out a souvenir which was a chocolate package from behind Maisarah. Apparently the person is Liew Yun Zhao.

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