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Love on the Run

Love on the Run

Comedy | English


TriCoast Worldwide

Cast & Crew


Ash Christian


Ash Christian, Amy Salko Robertson, Jordan Yale Levine, Robert Christopher Riley, Adam Lefevre


Jessica Anya Blau, Stacy Thal


Steve Howy, Frances Fisher, Annaleigh Ashford


Despite the odds, Franny Peterson always knew she’d make it big! With a heart of gold and a loving and kind personality, all 250lbs of her knew that one day she’d make it out of her small town with the man of her dreams.

Who knew that today would be that day…while waiting in line at the bank, listening to music on her ipod, in walks, from cowboy boots to cowboy hat…the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen!! When their eyes meet she’s sure this is the one…The fact that Rick is now holding up the bank and taking her hostage does not deter her from her mission…

This wasn’t exactly the way she dreamed it would all go down, but she’s eager to get out of her small town and is up for the adventure. Unfortunately for Franny, Rick has other plans… If she survives the journey, it’s possible, Franny could find a future even she couldn’t have imagined

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