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Documentary | English | 100 minutes


Galloping Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Matto Barfuss


Matto Barfuss



This is the incredible story of Maleika, a cheetah mother and her six cubs: Martha, Malte, Mirelèe, Marlo, Mia and Majet. With their scruffy neck mane, cubs look like punks, and every day the little ones become cheekier and braver. Life is still a game for the young cheetahs, and they are protected by their mother Maleika. Set in the magnificent landscape of the Masai Mara natural reserve in Tanzania, the cheetah family experiences adventurous, difficult, and funny moments in their fight for survival.

Each new challenge takes the cheetah cubbies a little further towards independence. But the wilderness holds many dangers even for the fastest hunters on earth. Every adventure could be the last. We are there as the rascals grow, accompany them on their first trip with their mother, the exciting training as hunters and on their way to new adventures. MALEIKA reveals moments of great joy, but also shows that life in the wild is also extremely dangerous. In the end there is only one message: No matter what happens, giving up is not a solution – even for cheetahs!

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