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MAL·MO·E: The Secret Mission

MAL·MO·E: The Secret Mission

Drama | Korean | 135 minutes


Lotte Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Yuna Eom


Seo-young Yoon


Hai-jin Yoo, Kye-sang Ryu


In 1941, when the use of the Japanese language in Joseon was forced during the colonial rule era, Kim Pan-su gets a job running errands at the Korean Language Society despite being illiterate. After learning to read and write Korean by chance, Pan-su sees the dedication and passion of Jung-hwan and the other members in writing the 16,000+ Korean-language manuscripts. Gradually, Pan-su realizes that recording and preserving the Korean language is a crucial means to obtaining independence. Later, Pan-su helps Jung-hwan hold a public meeting with Korean language teachers to select words to be included in the ‘MAL-MO-E’ dictionary. Meanwhile, the Japanese’ investigation closes in on them!

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