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Miles To Go

Miles To Go

Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense, True Story | English | 147 minutes


Mega-Reel Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Tim Russ


Shawnda Christiansen


Shawnda Christiansen


Christian Kane, James Duval, Anna Easteden, Eve Mauro


Inspired by true events.

The small town of Talutha County is overrun with rampant drug use and drug dealers loitering on every alleyway. Sheriff Corbin (Christian Kane) carries out daily drug raids in an effort to clean it up, citing that local drug dealers are only the body of a larger snake - he’s looking for the head.

He finds it difficult to focus on cleaning up the town because of all of the trouble June Taylor (Anna Easteden) and her brother Xander Taylor (Peter Wrobell) begin to stir up when they take the law into their own hands by confronting the local Cartel and shortly afterwards Xander disappears.

Now it's up to June to save him as well as save herself, from the addiction that she has fallen a slave to - no good deed goes unpunished.

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