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Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo

Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo

Alternate Titles: Itazura na Kiss

Romantic Comedy | Japanese | 800 minutes


SPO Entertainment Inc.

Cast & Crew


Miki Honoka



Based on popular Manga!

Aihara Kotoko of Tonan University, was always in the lowest F class. However, she has been in love alone with Irie Naoki, who is a handsome student in the A class with an IQ of 200. After she decides to ask him out, she sends him a love letter but is rejected by him immediately. She is very hurt by this incident, but what is even worse is that a meteorite hits the house that she and her father newly moved into. After losing their new home, Kotoko and her father decide to stay a while at his friend’s place..which turns out to be the house of Irie Naoki! A love story of Naoki, a cold and irritable person with an IQ of 200, and Kotoko, an always bright and cheerful person. What will happen next?

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