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Moonlight Saigon (TV Series)

Moonlight Saigon (TV Series)

Drama, Romance | English


Produksi Seni 2020 Sdn Bhd

Cast & Crew


Jonathan Lee, Evan Sia, Yu Duong, Hoang Kieu Trihn



Love and loyalty is tested when distance and times comes to conquer, only trust can be savior of this love


Eric, a food and beverage consultant on a trip in Saigon falls in love with Vu Yen even though their personalities clashes. When everthing fails to separate the two love birds, Eric is tricked to Thailand by Angela, his boss who has fallen head over heals for him. When he cut all ties with her, she forced him to stay in exchange for Vu Yen’s Safety. Vu Yen senses something amiss after losing contact with Eric. When Rick alleges that what she and Eric have gone through was nothing but a game, she is in shock and disappears. Ricky travels to Saigon in search of Vu Yen. His search leads him to the capture of the man behind a human trafficking syndicate and rescues all the people they held illegally. But Vu yen is still nowhere to be found. In Saigon, Ricky met Vu Yen’s bestfriend Tuong Vi and eventually sets up a restaurant business with her and marries her. When Eric finally finds Vu Yen to tell her the whole truth and seeks her forgiveness, she turns him down. Vu Yen stops by the Petronas Twin Tower on her way to the airport but is surprised to see Eric there. Will they rekindle their love?

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