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New Growth

New Growth

Comedy | English | 98 minutes


Ninth Hour Inc

Cast & Crew


Kenny Young


Karimah Westbrook, Lanre Idewu


Close-knit best friends – newly divorcee, Nia Royce; aspiring social media influencer, Regina Maxwell; successful news reporter, Robin St. Clair– realize that they have much more in common than just their hair struggles. They are all unhappy with some aspect of themselves. When Nia invents a magical hair formula, the three friends decide to go into business together and bring the hair product to the masses. An instant success, it revolutionizes the beauty industry and the women soon find all of their dreams coming true. But with this success, there is a heavy price to pay and while the women struggle to maintain their sanity and friendship, they are forced to face the harsh realities that made them unhappy in the first place.

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