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Night Watcher

Night Watcher

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Fabrication Films

Cast & Crew


Will Gordh


Jason R. Houston, Will Gordh


Daniel Vicent Gordh, David Murray


Alison Tyler, Zach Stewart, Rachel Owens, Daniel Vincent Gordh, Christopher Kadish


Katherine is set to spend another unsatisfying night wasting her life with her friends. She grudgingly carries a six-pack of beer from the nearly empty parking lot to the soft sand of the beach as her friends ditch her to go smoke. They return to find her dead in the sand, her wrists slit open wide - a gruesome suicide. Or did that mysterious idle car in the parking lot have anything to do with Katherine's death.

The suicide of Angela's mother is a mystery to everyone. She was happy. She was a doctor. She was perfect. One day, at a suicide help group. Angela meets Brian, a young man there for the same reason she is. One night, each of them simultaneously receives a mysterious tape,a terrifying voyeuristic display, in which each discovers that their parents were being stalked...They soon discover that there is more to their connection than meets the eye. In fact, her mother and his father had worked in the same hospital together. Brian has grown to suspect that this string of suicides is no mere coincidence, but the result of something more nefarious.

As Angela and Brian delve into the mystery of these improbably suicides, the death toll rises, leaving Angela and Brian at the center of this cruel pattern of killing, but why? Realizing that these supposed suicides were not accidents, the two of them attempt to escape the rampage of the disturbed serial killer who has torn their lives apart, a killer who will stop at nothing for revenge. A killer who watches their every more. Everyone is a suspect, leaving Angela and Brian with nowhere to hide, and resulting in a chillingly intense climax.

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