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Write About Love

Write About Love

Drama, Romance | Tagalog | 105 minutes


TBA Studios

Cast & Crew


Crisanto Aquino


Joe Alandy, Lexter Tarriela


Crisanto Aquino, Janica Mae Regalado


Miles Ocampo, Rocco Nacino, Yeng Constantino, Joem Bascon



The Female Writer, a believer of the true lessons on love that the “Rom-Com” genre brings, and The Male Writer, a guy who has a more grounded belief on love, are paired together to write a romantic screenplay for their final task in a writing workshop. They created Marco (leading man) a corporate guy and Joyce (leading lady) a singer then made them fell in love. But as the story got bones and flesh they needed to hurt the characters to make them more human and made them an EX’s story instead. As the story gets deeper and as they resolve the conflict, the Female Writer becomes anxious of her weaknesses in being true to her writings since she never had any romantic relationship before but the Male Writer as an experienced man pushed her to believe in herself and write from the heart. But a revelation will turn the writer’s world upside down as the story they were writing mirrors their own fear that they are not ready to face. How will they end their story if the story they are writing is the story they are not ready to tell?

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