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Omerta 6/12

Omerta 6/12

Thriller | English, Finnish, Serbian | 90 minutes


REinvent International Sales

Cast & Crew


Antti J. Jokinen


Jasper Pääkönen, Peter Franzén, Ville Virtanen, Pekka Strang, Krista Kosonen, Eero Milonoff


It is December 6, the Finnish Independence Day reception at the President House. Jankovic, a war criminal convicted in The Hague, is serving his sentence in Finland. His son’s attempt to free him leads to a dramatic attack on the President’s Independence Day reception, where Finnish leaders and top foreign diplomats and dignitaries are taken hostage. A special EU police unit, known as Omerta, led by the Finn Max Tanner is called to help. The events turn a new page in Finnish foreign and security policy.

An Action thriller package based on Ilkka Remes’ bestselling Novel 6/12:

Feature 1: Omerta 6/12 (2021)
Feature 2: Omerta 7/12 (2022)
TV-Series: 6x42 min

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