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Alternate Titles: Carpetbaggers

Action/Adventure, Supernatural Thriller | Spanish | 98 minutes


Eye Candy Inc


Magnus, an American businessman, looking to profit from Venezuela’s socialist-inspired disintegration and diaspora gets more than he bargained for when he arrives in Caracas and falls into the hands of the Soviet and Cuban inteligencia controlling the country.

As Magnus is tortured to confess some undisclosed crime, an ingenious mastermind is revealed who is manipulating the foreign profiteers in order to bring to life long dead indigenous heros, Maria Lionza, and Chief Guaicaipuro who will reset history, and restore their people to their proper place.

Faced with losing his daughter (Aryn), his limbs, and his life, Magnus finds unexpected allies in a Cuban doctor (Ishmael), a Venezuelan hitman (Usnavy), and ultimately in the most unexpected source, the long dead spirit of Maria Lionza.

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