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Drama, Faith | English, Spanish | 85 minutes


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Aaron U. Brown, Jaycee Lynn, Samuel Potts



An inspiring movie based on the conversion of Paul.

Sara is at the top of her game. She has the chance to be chosen for an elite summer tennis program, but her hopes are dashed unexpectedly by the one person no one likes- Colton.

Colton is at the bottom of life, constantly leading others astray, hurting people, giving no one respect, and making fun of other teens for going to church. His parents pray for God's intervention in his life. While partying one night, Colton winds up in a car wreck that involves Sara, and goes through an experience that changes him. But facing life after you've done everything wrong can sometimes be the hardest step, and Colton must find a way to prove to everyone- especially to Sara- that he's changed.

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