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Thriller | English | 38 minutes


Hannibal Media

Cast & Crew


Robert Gillings


Wesley Snipes, Robert Davi, Denise Richards, Anne Archer, Steve Guttenberg



Laurence Fintch, Money Manager of Fintch Wealth Management Services, seems to have it all figured out to become the greatest financial fraudster through the use of his Digital, Virtual cryptocurrency technology. Fintch attempts to flee into the darkness to give a false impression that he is running because he is unable to face his family, friends, employees, and the investors that he has devastated through his betrayal, including infamous business executive and Chairman of one of the Big Four American Banks, Damon Moore . Moore has his ideas on how to handle Fintch's betrayal.

Fintch's long-time friend and firm accountant Saul discovering the fraud, blows the whistle, and assists the FBI Director ( in a sting-style operation just in time as Fintch is hours from vanishing forever.

Laurence Finch is sentenced to a 150 year stacked sentence and not knowing what his next move will be. Once Fintch is arrested, his wife Bentley reconnects with her ex-husband William Haines, AKA Noir to begin her quest of breaking her husband out of a medium-security prison so she and Fintch could be reunited with the stolen money, the hidden billions.

He strikes a deal to be broken out of prison but ends up being enlisted as the first major crime organization CFO.

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