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Perfectly Frank

Perfectly Frank

Drama, Musical, Romance | English | 104 minutes


Global Genesis Group



Reminiscent of the Golden Era of Fred Astaire musicals, "Perfectly Frank" is this year's La La Land.

"Perfectly Frank" tells the story of Frank, an 18 year old suffering from Agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that is accompanied by panic attacks and a rapid heartbeat. Frank, who was raised in isolation by his Grandpa, finds comfort and peace in the magical world of the 50's and 60's musicals he creates in his head.

When his Grandpa gets sick, Frank must find a way to leave the house alone in order to save his Grandpa. Frank's life is about to be turned upside down when meets Lily, a foul-mouthed lovable rascal from the wrong side of the tracks, and he falls head over heels for her.

With 9 original sing-along songs, incredible dance performances, musicians from the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" and visual effects from the artist responsible for Tim Burton's Dumbo, Perfectly Frank is the "feel-good" movie of the year.

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