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Prescription For Love

Prescription For Love

Drama, Romance | English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish | 88 minutes


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Trevor Donovan, Jillian Murray



Claire’s life as a nurse in a busy hospital is complicated by a supervisor who is intent on making her miserable with tedious and extra tasks. Claire’s only relief is the patients she treats, and even that is not always a picnic. On a rare night off, she attends a dance performance and gets trapped in an elevator with a charming man. There is an instant connection between them, but as they are “rescued” from the elevator, they are pulled away from each other before they can exchange names and numbers. The next day, Claire meets the man again when he is presented as the newest doctor at the hospital. But he doesn’t recognize her in her hospital scrubs and pushes away her attempts to reconnect. Claire is convinced that he isn’t interested. But as she works with him, she can’t ignore her feelings. Meanwhile, the doctor is torn between his developing feelings for Claire and the fond memory of the woman in the elevator. Despite the efforts of some to thwart her, Claire must find the strength to stand up for herself and go after what she wants and deserves: her own chance at happiness.

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