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Puccini The Musical

Puccini The Musical

Musical | English | 120 minutes


Metropolis Produzioni


Annetta wants to run away, Giacomo is destined to make it far. Their encounter will change the history of music for ever.

Based on a true story.

Milan, 1904. In a bohemian tavern the light is on few characters: a young Giacomo Puccini - who has just come out from the disastrous Madama Butterfly premiere – the painters Carlo and Luigi, the anarchist Filippo, the writer Oreste, the landlord Goffredo and his daughter Annetta, soon to be Puccini's muse.

New York, 1910. The premiere of “La fanciulla del West” is successful. Giacomo is overwhelmed by cheering in the backstage. His friends, to whom Giacomo paid travel, food and lodging for, joined him. They celebrate, Giacomo and Annetta have the chance to spend the night together.

The following events are shown in a compressed timeline, including Giacomo’s success and the life of Annetta and Oreste, the world war and other historical events.

Milan, 1920. It’s been ten years. The movie ends in the same tavern in Milan, run now by Annetta: she takes care of his father's business after he passed away. She's married now, with Oreste, and they have a 10-year child who could be Giacomo's son. In the tavern Giacomo Puccini shows up and one after the other, all of his friends appear, excited about Puccini’s great comeback. Giacomo will die 4 years later, they are meeting for the last time.

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