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Punta del Este Jetset

Punta del Este Jetset

Documentary | English | 90 minutes


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Boris Acosta


This documentary is a comprehensive view of Punta del Este, one of the most beautiful summer resorts in the world. It is the desired playground of the jetsetters, the rich and famous from Europe and the Americas. They flock here, not just for the great beaches, but also for the fine diverse restaurants, international concerts, casinos, discothèques, art galleries, and eclectic nightlife. It is located in the southeast of Uruguay, which makes it a unique place for being able to see the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean and the sunset on the calm sea, Rio de la Plata, on the other side of this amazing peninsula. Punta del Este's beauty is extraordinary because of the unique changes of the beaches and undersea landscape. It is a constant adventure as one travels along the coastline. Gorriti island is situated in the Rio de la Plata sea, where a good swimmer can reach it from the main shoreline. Isla de Lobos is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, highly populated by sea lions, reachable only by boat. Visitors are not allowed to disembark on but only to catch a glimpse of their world. Other popular towns, which are part of the larger Punta del Este area along both coasts are La Barra, Manantiales, Jose Ignacio and Punta Ballena. Each are highly visited for their individual uniqueness and beauty, and highlighted in this comprehensive documentary.

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