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Raphael. The Young Prodigy

Raphael. The Young Prodigy

Documentary | English, Italian | 85 minutes



Cast & Crew


Massimo Ferrari


Marking the 500th Anniversary of his death, an immersion into the Renaissance to explore his
sublime art. From his extraordinary portraits of women: the Mother, the Friend, the Secret Lover and the Client. From Magia Ciarla, who died when the painter was only 8 years old, to the female admirers who helped him on the road to success, down to and including the woman who, as legend would have it, would lead him to his death. Figures of women that really existed and some that were also products of his imagination. Raphael, (1483-1520), was able to portray an ideal of celestial beauty. Thanks to contributions from internationally renowned experts, this documentary film will also enable us to discover the most significant cities and places in the life and times of one of the Renaissance master.

Directed by Massimo Ferrari

Produced by Sky

Inreviews with:

Vincenzo Farinella
Lorenza Mochi Onori
Giuliano Pisani
Tom Henry
Amélie Ferrigno
Ippolita di Majo
Gloria Fossi

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