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Road to Perth

Road to Perth

Drama, Road Movie, Romance | English | 82 minutes


Core Pictures LLC

Cast & Crew


Chad Peter


Tommy O'Brien, Hannah Lehmann


Freshly rejected from a marriage proposal, Alex (Tommy O’Brien) boards a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, for what was planned to be a happy vacation for the married-couple-to-be. Instead, he finds himself arriving alone with a fully-booked trip, in a country he’s never once visited. Thus begins Road to Perth, a narrative feature film from director Chad Peter, complete with dryly comic adventure and drama.

Alex’s journey begins in Melbourne, venturing out to Adelaide and taking in the exotic landscape one pit stop at a time. By chance meeting, he crosses paths with Ronnie (Hannah Lehmann) - a woman beginning a journey of her own. With little motivation to guide him forward, Alex is drawn in by Ronnie’s plight when he discovers she’s on a trip to scatter her father’s ashes along the Nullarbor Plain - a twelve-hundred kilometer stretch of road, along the southernmost edge of Australia.

In the tradition of acclaimed indie films like Before Sunrise or Like Crazy, Road to Perth is an intimate tale of two people that meet each other at a time of need, all while exploring the gorgeous backroads of the Australian south. With stunning cinematography that encapsulates the beauty of the Australian road trip like no other, Road to Perth looks to transport audiences along for the ride.

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