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Comedy | English | 95 minutes


Reason8 Films



Dave is a dreamer - a tycoon-to-be who is constantly hustling for his next buck. Determined not to rot away in an office or in a factory he will do anything to avoid a real job. With his promising football career ending in tatters after an injury, and while recovering in the hospital, Davie falls in love with beautiful trainee nurse Shona. Although he may not be suited for academia, and in an attempt to impress Shona, Davie discovers he can certainly turn a fast buck running discos.

Together with bold and business savvy friend John and utilising the shadier talents of a young mate Scott, the trio try and fail various schemes. With gangsters, games, girls and increasingly despairing father on his case, Davie needs to use all his tricks to pull off the biggest scheme of his life - or it could be his last.

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