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Seaper Powers: The Movie

Seaper Powers: The Movie

Alternate Titles: In Search of Bleu Jays Treasure

Animation | English | 93 minutes


Side FX Partners, LLC

Cast & Crew


Kim Cameron


Kim Cameron


Kim Cameron


Derek Albert



A little girl discovers she has magical powers when surrounded by magical sea grass in the Caribbean ocean. Her powers give her abilities to breath underwater and even talk to fish! While no one believes her, she befriends an octopus, a starfish, even an eel! Growing up in Vermont, the little girl, Emma, only experienced ocean adventures when she went on holiday with her parents. As an only child, and living in a remote neighborhood, it was difficult to play with friends during holiday breaks. Winters in Vermont were long and lonely. The octopus, Oliver, that she meets in this story, is an adventurous sea creature, who struggles to make friends because he is more interested in exploring than playing with the other octopus. Steve, the starfish, is a very bright orange creature. His color is unaccepted by the other starfish, forcing him to spend time alone. All three of these main characters find themselves drawn to each other to find acceptance and friendship. Each character finds themselves learning not only about how keeping the oceans clean impacts their homes and surroundings, but also the importance of not judging someone by their appearance. Based on the first book of a book series called 'Seaper Powers,' each story is meant to provide meaningful messages to new readers. While messages are a big part of this movie, it also has a sense of adventure. An old wise tale is told to Emma from a hotel owner on the island about a famous pirate 'Bleu Jay' and his parakeet. Bleu Jay stole from various wealthy folks and kept his treasures hidden, perhaps buried under the sea. Emma is so intrigued by the legend, she employs her new octopus and starfish friends to help her find this buried treasure. The movie is filled with original music, and sound effects which light up each minute in the 20 scene movie.

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