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Shallow Breath

Shallow Breath

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Caltiki Pictures

Cast & Crew


Robbie Studsor


After being revived from drowning at a public swimming pool, Olympic swim champion Bridget White now suffers from a terrifying condition known as secondary drowning.

The symptoms are immediate and dangerous - her throat constricts cutting off her oxygen supply and mind tells her body she is drowning for no reason at all. Anytime. Anywhere.

Bridget has become a prisoner to her psyche and develops a dark obsession with the accident, and Alex, the lifeguard who saved her.

After a desperate attempt to meet Alex, Bridget is shocked to learn that the woman who saved her has also been suffering since the accident in the form of vivid nightmares and insomnia.

As the survivor and the saviour dive deeper into the events of that fateful accident, they learn that they are bonded by a dark history and before long, uncover a terrifying secret that will threaten their sanity and ultimately their lives.

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