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Alternate Titles: Schlaf

Drama, Thriller | German | 101 minutes


Global Screen

Cast & Crew


Michael Venus


Sandra Hüller, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Marion Kracht


Mona, Marlene’s daughter, sets out to find the answers, after her mother had a breakdown in a remote village in Germany. In Stainbach, a village in the Harz Mountains, she is confronted with decay, dashed hopes, drugs, and an abandoned hotel. Having step by step unveiled the secret of her family, she realises that she is a part of a curse herself. Whereas her mother Marlene stuck in a hospital, learned the truth about her family. She finds herself afterwards in an emotional turmoil and trapped in the darkness of her dreams. It is a curse, born out of rage and fire, and one filled with unatoned guilt. It is frightening and it is tempting. Mona has to fight not only the demons within her, but also the ones outside.

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