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Splitting Roots

Splitting Roots

Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | English | 110 minutes


1GJV Media

Cast & Crew


Marco Taloni


The protagonist is overwhelmed about his life, in poor conditions, lack of money, working conditions not favorite, owing money to “sharks”, he met an old man “the scientist”. Getting in a fight with the boss of his job, decides to discover more what the old man showed to him: an antiquate built “time machine”. Ultimately, he decides to try it, and his 2 friends decide to follow him who supposes to set the time 71 years back do understand his roots going to his father’s youth time. But the fate came along by getting a mistake to set the time to 71 years back, setting at 7.1 million of years back instead.

And here you go, the journey to discover the roots begins. No anymore previous generation roots, but HUMAN BEING’s splitting roots between monkeys and hominids, the real origin of our species.

New environment, actual extinct animals, and ultimately, they meet the Sahelanthropus, an ape, the monkey like farthest species believed to be one of the ancestors of hominids the living “Splitting Roots” of humans.

Experiences leave them astonished, and…curios….they get entagled with them, The truth comes in the light. Who really are and where we come from but the going back becomes arduous.

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