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Drama, Faith, Family, True Story | English | 120 minutes


Shake The Tree Productions, LLC

Cast & Crew


Lou Martini, Jr, Toni D'Antonio


Lou Martini, Jr., Dave Joglar, Rich Wetzel


Steubenville: A small Ohio town bordering the Ohio River and West Virginia, a scant 30-minute drive from the Pennsylvania border. In the 1940s - 1960s, Steubenville earned the nickname "Little Chicago" for its gambling, brothels, and drug deals. Although famous as the birthplace of movie and vocal superstar Dean Martin, Steubenville is currently awash in closed-down factories and steel buildings that line the sadly irrelevant and mundane city's edge.

Three young Catholic boys begin a journey set in 1954. Their right of passage to adulthood is fraught with obstacles that make them question their faith, their friendships, their loves, and their dreams as they navigate a bond that ultimately spans six decades. Where they begin and where they end will move and inspire you, but their hearts will always come back to Steubenville.

This is a true coming of age story in the likes of Stand By Me with a little bit of Sleepers mixed in. The town of Steubenville and its rich history make for a compelling backdrop to showcase the story of these three friends whose relationships span 60+ years. Based on a series of true stories and events told from the perspective of these three friends, their accounts of incidents and circumstances that shaped their lives--with a lot of help from the strength of their faith--is truly captivating, inspiring and incredible.

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Script (WGA 1224658), Pitch Deck, One Sheet, Poster

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