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Such a Great Love

Such a Great Love

Drama, Romance | Italian, Russian | 90 minutes


Blue Penguin Film

Cast & Crew


Cristian De Mattheis


Michele Calì, Federica Andreoli


Cristian De Mattheis


Giuseppe Maggio, Francesca Loy, Il Volo



The protagonist Vladimir leaves from Russia, St. Petersburg, after losing his mother to Italy, Verona, in search of his father whom he had never known. In Verona, Vladimir meets Veronica, a young well-to-do daughter of an industrialist . A great love is born between the two. A love full of obstacles and pitfalls, one of these is Veronica's grandmother who tries to hinder the two. In Verona, Vladimir meets the guys from "Il Volo" and their manager.
He will be the one to convince Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca that Vladimir is a true talent of the Lirica and that he has a voice like few that he has heard. Unfortunately the events that will appear before their lives are not yet over, before the triumph of love we will have to wait and suffer for much longer.

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