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Super November

Super November

Comedy, Drama | English | 77 minutes


The Mise En Scene Company

Cast & Crew


Douglas King


Douglas King


Josie Long


Josie Long, Sean Biggerstaff, James Allenby-Kirk, Darren Osborne, Janey Godley, Christopher Forbes



When it all kicks off, will you become a hero? No. You won’t. When a military coup hijacks an election in Britain, under the guise of a “temporary period of constitutional crisis”, four friends in Glasgow are completely unprepared. They’re busy with their own stuff. Josie wants romance, Darren wants adventure, Mona wants to work and win and Roddy wants to skive off and muck about. This film tells the story of their lives before and after a far-right authoritarian government takes control of them. As they try to adjust, to cope and eventually to escape their changed new city. Despite its dramatic setting, this is a warmhearted and intimate film about the injokes and tendernesses between friends who find themselves living in a nightmare. It’s about how they try to survive on a personal level when they find themselves living through History Being Made around them. Tonally, we wanted to take Joe Swanberg’s Easy and drop it into Children of Men and then see what happened.

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