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Tell Her

Tell Her

Drama | English, Russian | 98 minutes


Sreda production company

Cast & Crew


Ivan Samokhvalov, Alexandra Remezova, Alexander Tsekalo



What about a child whose parents every day asking whom he loves more? Mom or dad? What should a mother do if she is madly in love with her son, but circumstances forces her to take him away? What a dad should do if his son is gone to America forever, and he cannot even imagine a life without him?

This is a story about choice.

Sometimes parents decide for a child, wishing him the best only, however, often, they do what`s more convenient. The child agrees, fearing to hurt anyone, but time will pass, kid gets mature and at some point, he will learn to decide for himself.

“Tell Her” is a drama about relationships, love, trade, choices, a universal story, inspiring and understandable for everyone.

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