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Ten Rules for a Perfect Affair

Ten Rules for a Perfect Affair

Drama, Erotic, Romance | English | 90 minutes


Galloping Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Carlos Alperin


Ben Crawford


Madeleine Daniels is a controlling, seductive and independent woman who achieves perfection in everything she does, including her affairs. Dissatisfied with the prospect of getting married to a famed industrialist, she decides to take lovers, but insists that they abide by her “Ten Rules”: Desire me. Amuse me. Don’t constrain me. Don’t bore me. Don’t stalk me. Never talk about me to other people. Don’t send me gifts or messages. I decide what sex we have. It’s over when I say so. And, don’t tell me you love me. The penalty for breaking a rule: all contact ends, instantly.

Madeleine commissions the artist and notorious womanizer Antoni to produce a sculpture of her. After he agrees to obey her “Ten Rules” her modeling sessions become sexually charged encounters in which he shaves her pubic hair and watches her masturbate. But when Antoni breaks her rules by declaring his love for Madeleine, she ends all contact with him.

Madeleine vows to take extreme measures to ensure her next lover is up to her requirements. She meets West, a philanthropist, solo helicopter pilot, photographer and global nomad. West pursues Madeleine, but she challenges him with “every prick tease, bitch act, shit test, and mind fuck known to humanity.” As he rises to every challenge, she takes him as her lover, in the hope of enjoying a perfect affair.

However, things start to go wrong for Madeleine. She suspects Tina, her fiancé’s daughter, of stalking her. And Antoni sells the sculpture of her to the art collector Donald van Dyke, a sexual predator who attempts to assault Madeleine when she tries to recoup it from him. Meanwhile West starts to become demanding, suggesting that Madeleine leave her fiancé and join him in a life free from the constraints of marriage and high society. To resolve these problems, Madeleine must go to new levels of resourcefulness, manipulation, and ruthlessness to ensure that she remains on top.

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