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The Beachbuds

The Beachbuds

Animation, Childrens | English | 11 minutes


Odin's Eye Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Enike Santoso


Jimmy Budiarto, Iskander Tjahjadi


Ken Goin, John Morey, Patrick Bottaro, Matthew Hayes, Daniel Silk


Dino Andrade, Austin Lee Matthews, Ryan Bartley, Jason Marnocha, Kimlinh Tran, Chris Smith



The Beachbuds is an animated “Workplace Comedy” featuring unique and colorful characters that find themselves in hilariously entertaining situations. It also teaches kids about hospitality and harmony so that everyone can have their BEST DAY EVER!

Zoobak Island is home to the BeachBuds, a species of bird modelled after the magnificent and rare Bali Starling. The BeachBuds live and work at the Zoobak Resort where animal guests come from around the globe in search of world class amenities, hospitality, and most of all, fun!

These exotic birds are the funniest feathered friends to ever serve you. When they're not busy giving guests their best day ever, they get into fun adventures the whole family will enjoy watching. Every episode is a vacation that you'll never want to end.

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