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The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside

Horror, Thriller | English | 88 minutes


House of Film



When Esther's fanatical father discovers her forbidden romance, he forcibly commits her to a conversion camp to straighten her out. What she faces there is nothing short of a torturous nightmare when she is tied to a bed and beaten by a sadistic preacher who is determined to exorcise the "demon" within. But this overzealous cleric has met his match when they both discover that she really does possess an evil force capable of dream-summoning local teens to her rescue. When Ester makes her escape, all hell breaks loose for the entire community as she handily transforms her victims into an army of murderous corpses. Can anybody halt this multiplying, grisly horde of blood-thirsty soldiers from their wicked mission? Tears flow, blood splatters, and gruesome carnage surges...maybe nobody is really safe...

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