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The Cinderella Addiction

The Cinderella Addiction

Alternate Titles:

Drama, Thriller | Japanese | 115 minutes


TBS Glowdia, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Ryohei Watanabe


Tao Tsuchiya, Kei Tanaka, Coco



Koharu is a child welfare services staff whose mother abandoned her when she was young, leaving her with heavy feelings of envy and longing towards mother figures.

One night, a wave of unfortunate events suddenly thrusts Koharu into a pit of despair. She is rescued by Daigo, a rich doctor in private practice she meets by coincidence. Koharu is drawn to Daigo, a strong figure who alleviates all of Koharu’s problems. Daigo is a widower, raising his only daughter Hikari by himself.

One day, Daigo proposes to Koharu, asking her to “become Hikari’s mother.” Koharu would live a life envied by all ... or so it seemed.

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