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The Contractors

The Contractors

Alternate Titles: TV Series

Action/Adventure | English | 60 minutes


Red Rock Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Marcus Warren


Red Rock Entertainment



THE CONTRACTORS will focus on the life and times of private security contractors in hot spots and war zones around the world. These men and women do extraordinary jobs in extreme environments. This series will examine the people at the eye of the storm and what drives them there. These Contractors come from a variety of backgrounds with each individual story taking a very personal look into some very complicated characters with as much turmoil around them as inside these brave individuals. This will be no ordinary “fly on the wall” series, as we take our cameras to the most extreme and dangerous front lines in the private war on terror, drug cartels, poachers and pirates. Kidnapping, suicide bombings and covert intelligence operations are all in a days work for this rare breed, but it’s not all blood and guts, as many of them are responsible for the protection of humanitarian aide operations or medical support in places where many dare not go…but we did. Each episode will comprise three basic components…

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