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The Cottages

The Cottages

Thriller | | 28 minutes


Left Eye Dominant



A desperate man's search for his missing girlfriend leads to a secretive community on the coast that manipulates the memories of their residents.

COMPS: Borne Identity meets the Truman Show.

After accepting a mysterious community's offer to live rent free in exchange for taking part in their " viral reality show," Dale, a reluctant drifter, begins to question his memory. The Cottages,opulent and coastal, feels strangely familiar to him. As he settles in, the haunting memories of his missing girlfriend, Emily, begin to resurface. He questions whether or not he was involved in her disappearance, and then - Emily makes contact. Dale is catapulted into a desperate search as he learns they have both been there before and nothing about The Cottages is what it seems.

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