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The Dog Of Chritmas

The Dog Of Chritmas

Family | English


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  • French Riviera, a typical wealthy family, composed of father, mother and four children, two sons and two daughters, who lives in a beautiful house.The father is still very in love with his wife, but she doesn't share the same feelings anymore due to a series of events that made her apathetic and unhappy.Christmas is around the corner and the kids as a gift would like to adopt a dog but, despite the positive opinion of the father, the mother refused the idea. The dad decides to carry out a "coup" and do things in secret by presenting the fait accompli to the mother, against her will. So he goes to the kennel and, after seeing many dogs, he chooses a nice Shih Tzu, even if the person in charge of the place advise him the animal is very mischievous... People brought him back three times! His name: Alex!The father gathers the kids to tell them about the dog... Everyone is enthusiastic about the news and they decide to wrap the animal as a present under the Christmas tree... While the woman is unwrapping the gifts, she opens a box that is strangely moving... And from that, a merry Alex comes out, making her upset. Since that moment the house has become a hell for the mother, until the day in she gives the family an ultimatum: they have to choose between her or the dog! The father and the children opt for a strategy to "save" Alex with the complicity of the grandfather: they pretend to leave, but they actually stay in the outbuilding of the house. Living together with Alex is difficult for the wife, until one day at nightfall some wrongdoers try to burst into the house, unaware of Alex presence, who will make them run away. In the meantime, the rest of the family finds out about the thieves' attack but, in the first place, decide to not get involved so that the woman and Alex could fight their little battle by themselves. The thieves come back to the house and cut off the electricity, but the woman and Alex don't give up and prepare the "defense" with some traps... without knowing the rest of the family is collaborating from the outside, so that the mother could think Alex is the architect of everything. The mum gets out of the house and run to hug and kiss the dog.The rest of the family pretends to be just arrived. A month later, it's the father's birthday and the mother is madly in love with her husband once again. She brings two boxes as a gift, from where two beautiful Shih tzu dogs come out. Holding Alex into her arms, she kisses him:"...Well... I thought Alex needed some And then... I love dogs!"

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