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The Executioner

Drama | Korean | 98 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Cast & Crew


Jin-ho CHOI


Jong-kon YANG


Yeong-ok KIM


Jae-hyun CHO, Kye-sang YOON


Jae-kyung is a new prison guard, and Jong-ho is strict and even outrageous against inmates. Prison guard KIM who possesses mild and genial temper is at all times admired by co-worker and even inmates for treating prisoners like his family. Especially Sung-hwan who murdered three men long time ago, but is humane and exemplary follows him like his own brother. Jae-kyung’s rigid thought gradually changes through benevolent KIM and Sung-hwan. One afternoon close to Christmas an order of execution came out. Except for Jong-ho who volunteers for execution team, nobody wants to be executioner.
Eventually, the team was drawn by ballot. Jae-kyung is selected for that team.
With the mixed feelings, Jae-kyung met his girl friend and she informed him of her pregnancy.
Not ready for greeting new life and ending one’s life, can Jae-kyung solve a fate-like dilemma of life and death?

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