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The Last Will

The Last Will

Comedy, Horror | English | 89 minutes


Miles Media Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Eric Miles


Devlin Garrett both loved and hated his wife and secretly wished only the worst for every friend he's ever had. Yet, upon his shocking and untimely death, his last will generously shares his many earthly possessions with all of them - provided they survive a single night together at Devlin's isolated campgrounds. Throughout a night filled with mounting tension and horrific violence, each person that thought he or she knew the real Devlin discovers he had a secret too terrible to reveal, a power which even his own death couldn't destroy. One by one, Devlin's widow and so called "friends" murder each other in increasingly vile manners, a bloodbath of hate orchestrated by Devlin himself from beyond the grave. The Last Will is truly a tale of one man seeking revenge even after death.

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