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The Legitimate Wiseguy

The Legitimate Wiseguy

Drama | English | 90 minutes


Wiseguy, Inc.

Cast & Crew


George Gallo


Nicholas Celozzi, Freddy Braidy, Rich Salvatore, Michael Sportelli


Nicholas Celozzi, Jim McGrath


Harvey Keitel, Emile Hirsch, Ruby Rose


THE UNTOLD STORY BEHIND CASINO. Synopsis: The early 1980s, TONY SPILOTRO THE MOST FEARED ENFORCER TO COME OUT OF CHICAGO - OVERSEEING THE SKIM AT THEIR MOB CONTROLLED CASINOS- Tony and Nicki ( an aspiring young actor)FORM A FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP WHILE TONY BEGINS TO OVERSEE HIS WOULD BE ACTING CAREER IN HOLLYWOOD- Using his uncle's connections, Nicki begins his a journey, takes him from Chicago to Vegas, Hollywood, Hawaii and back again as he lands parts roles and lives the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle- BUT DOES TONY HAVE OTHER INTENTIONS FOR NICKI- TONY BEGINS TO LURE NICKI INTO HIS WORLD OF CRIME - Nicki BEGINS TO walks a path fraught with egomaniacs, sex, brutal beatings, car bombings, shakedowns, skimming, double crosses and murder-blithely unaware that everything he's been given comes with a hefty price.

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